Nichia is claiming better colour rendering without loosing efficacy with technology it has banded ‘H6’. 

“Indeed, the H6 series delivers a colour rendering index of 90 while maintaining a level of efficacy seen in standard CRI 80 leds,” it claimed. It takes advantage of a red narrow band phosphor, as well as semiconductor and package changes, to “achieve a colour quality better than traditional CRI 90 LEDs with R9 content greater than 50. In addition to Nichia’s technology, the company’s H6 LEDs incorporate ‘TriGain’ technology, a potassium fluorosilicate based phosphor technology licensed to Nichia through a partnership with GE Current”.

Typical luminous efficacy of 200 lm/W is claimed for 0.2W 90CRI H6 devices. Initially it will be implemented in the company’s 3030 mid-power 757 package – or example in NFSW757H-V1H6. Applications are foreseen in shops, restaurants, hotels, galleries and museum – in troffers, tracks, downlights, spots and desk lights amongst others.