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Product Change Notification 2022-0003 (VG-A chip)

February 4, 2022

Notification number: 2022-0003 (VG-A chip)

Affected part numbers:

  1. KP-1608VGC-A
  2. KP-2012VGC-A
  3. KP-3216VGC-A
  4. KPG-1608VGC-A
  5. KPHHS-1005VGC-A
  6. KPT-2012VGC-A

Change description: End-of-life for certain green part numbers.

Reason for change: Chip supplier has discontinued the green VG-A chip contained in the part numbers listed above. Suggest to change to alternative blue ZG chip as replacement.

Anticipated impact of change: The physical dimensions of the suggest replacement parts are identical. The electrical and optical properties are also comparable to the original parts to allow drop-in replacement for customer usage. Suggest customer review the datasheet of the replacement part numbers and request sample parts for testing.

Part numbers to substitute affected parts:

  1. KP-1608ZGC
  2. KP-2012ZGC
  3. KP-3216ZGC
  4. KPG-1608ZGC
  5. KPHHS-1005ZGC-V
  6. KPT-2012ZGC


Customer Information Corona Virus Update 2

Dear Sirs.

the current spread of Corona virus infection in China lead to the extension of the Chinese New Year holidays. This affected Kingbright’s production plant in Shenzhen as well.

Kingbright’s production plant started its work again on 10th February. But since over 80 cities in China have been locked down or with strict community management, the Kingbright production plant currently operates with a production capacity of approx. 65% only. This naturally has an impact on delivery times.

For new orders our factory needs more time for production and we need to work with the following lead times:

SMD-LEDs = 14-16 weeks

SMD Displays = 14-16 weeks

THT-LEDs = 14-16 weeks

THT Displays = 14-16 weeks

THT LED taped = 16-18 weeks

all other parts = 22-24 weeks

For large volumes above 1 million pieces of standard parts and THT LEDs taped above 100.000 pcs additional 1-2 weeks are needed.

We will keep you informed about further progress at our Shenzhen plant.

Due to the high volume of incoming orders, the Kingbright factory in Shenzhen currently needs more time to confirm the delivery time of our new orders, so it can take up to 2-3 working days until you receive our order confirmation.

Narrow red boosts colour rendering without loosing efficacy

Nichia is claiming better colour rendering without loosing efficacy with technology it has banded ‘H6’. 

“Indeed, the H6 series delivers a colour rendering index of 90 while maintaining a level of efficacy seen in standard CRI 80 leds,” it claimed. It takes advantage of a red narrow band phosphor, as well as semiconductor and package changes, to “achieve a colour quality better than traditional CRI 90 LEDs with R9 content greater than 50. In addition to Nichia’s technology, the company’s H6 LEDs incorporate ‘TriGain’ technology, a potassium fluorosilicate based phosphor technology licensed to Nichia through a partnership with GE Current”.

Typical luminous efficacy of 200 lm/W is claimed for 0.2W 90CRI H6 devices. Initially it will be implemented in the company’s 3030 mid-power 757 package – or example in NFSW757H-V1H6. Applications are foreseen in shops, restaurants, hotels, galleries and museum – in troffers, tracks, downlights, spots and desk lights amongst others.