February 4, 2022

Notification number: 2022-0003 (VG-A chip)

Affected part numbers:

  1. KP-1608VGC-A
  2. KP-2012VGC-A
  3. KP-3216VGC-A
  4. KPG-1608VGC-A
  5. KPHHS-1005VGC-A
  6. KPT-2012VGC-A

Change description: End-of-life for certain green part numbers.

Reason for change: Chip supplier has discontinued the green VG-A chip contained in the part numbers listed above. Suggest to change to alternative blue ZG chip as replacement.

Anticipated impact of change: The physical dimensions of the suggest replacement parts are identical. The electrical and optical properties are also comparable to the original parts to allow drop-in replacement for customer usage. Suggest customer review the datasheet of the replacement part numbers and request sample parts for testing.

Part numbers to substitute affected parts:

  1. KP-1608ZGC
  2. KP-2012ZGC
  3. KP-3216ZGC
  4. KPG-1608ZGC
  5. KPHHS-1005ZGC-V
  6. KPT-2012ZGC